New Fabric Technology Could Change the Future

There is so much more to fabric than you may think. Gone are the days of simply man made and natural fabrics. Today, fabric technological advances are causing breakthroughs in trends and functionalities. With such exciting advances, fashion designers are taking the initiative to include these futuristic fabrics in their collections. Pushing the boundaries of fashion and making it so much more than simply looking good.













9 new fabric trends

Fabric trends can be scientific, revolutionary and breakthrough in terms of functionality. They can also be aesthetic; based on texture, colour, pattern, and fibre construction. These are the fabric trends that you will see everywhere from now on:

1. Stylish and sophisticated stripes

We’re not talking about basic sailor stripes or the classic Breton. These stripes have real life. They are bold and energetic and bring life and fun without being too overpowering or loud.

2. Get Cultured

This trend merges traditional patterns and elements with handcrafted aesthetics. Colours are rich earth tones with the occasional pop of bright colour as a fun surprise.

3. Pretty in pink

Millenial pink is dominating both fashion and interiors at the moment. But it isn’t just this pretty blush pink that is ruling. Hot pink, a perhaps surprising choice for interiors, is making itself heard. When paired with neutrals and interesting textures, this trend is fun, stylish and grown up.

4 .Textured silk

The classic Moire silk is brought back to life by using it in more obscure applications. Using it to upholster furniture, in a rippling skirt, or as a chic wall hanging will add interest and depth without going over the top.

5. Reflection

Reflective and transparent surfaces are a futuristic textile trend, which blurs the line between soft fabrics and hard surfaces. Creating a landscape of interest and intrigue.

6. Bauhaus prints

Those bold and blocky prints from the Bauhaus are just what is needed to create a fresh and funky living space.

7. Mellow Yellow

Perfect for summer and for warming your interiors in the winter. Fabrics featuring different shades of yellow, in blocks or patterns will bring joy and character wherever they are used.

8. Exploring space

Fascination with the stars, planets and space sees a this new trend growing in popularity. Jewel tones fused with muted greys are juxtaposed with futuristic structures and iridescent textures.

9. Back to nature

Reconnecting with our natural surroundings, this trend explores fabrics constructed with unusual and surprising natural materials. Fibrous textures combine with a neutral and mossy colour palette.