We are a progressive, hardworking and focused organisation that strives to build strong, effective and rewarding partnerships with our clients. Our focus remains squarely on them, we are proudly a trade organisation that delivers a level of service that sets us apart.




We’ve remained focused on our area of textile but invested heavily in innovation to ensure that we can deliver the best fabrics and display solutions to you. And we deliver this in a way that we believe enhances our client relationships through our trade model. 


We also can supply fashion trends and display product for your use and co-branding when  selling or marketing to your end-users. Work with us to better understand your client base and their needs so we can recommend products that will appeal and add value.




Astex is driven by the needs of the customers who increasingly demand differentiated products to respond to new trends and end-user preferences


We have a relentless focus on reseach, ensuring that we continue to lead the trend in best practice, the latest machinery and personalised customer service.


We are timely, relevant and contributing to our community with jobs and strong working relationships with our suppliers  


Our commitment remains to deliver the best customer service on time and on budget, no matter what the size and scope of the project.